Oceana Ball 2010 ...Save the date!


What: The Hautest and Most Fashionable Event of 2010 to be, yet the most fundamental in raising funds for The Herbie Fund at Sick Kids Hospital. Where Couture and Cause go hand in hand.

The Oceana Ball is a volunteer based group of talented and passionate individuals of all ages, who share the same ambition for the success of The Herbie Fund. For 2010 this eclectic committee is bringing together the country's most influential corporate movers and shakers with Canada's most innovative and iconic names in the fashion industry to create a completely unique and sensory experience for one spectacular evening in August.

Where:The Liberty Grand, Toronto's most Prestigious Entertainment Complex

A Treat for all the Senses....

This lavish evening includes the opening of an exhibition of images created by Canada's top fashion designers, photographers, models and artists. There will be an an opportunity for exclusive souveniers, with all proceeds raised for The Herbie Fund. An extraordinary culinary experience with special guests, followed by live entertainment (the celebrity linenup is sure to entice....coming soon!) and dancing into the evening. Not to mention the decor and eye candy will be over the top stunning, that I personally assure you ;)

When: Friday August 27th, 2010

Why, this the most Essential of all of the above, a bit about....

The Herbie Fund provides financial support so that children from around the world can recieve surgical treatment at The Hospital for Sick Children. Paul and Gina Godfery established the Herbie Fund in response to the needs of Herbie and children like him around the world. They feel strongly that every child should have access to medical care, regardless of financial position or geographical location.Their vision in creating the Herbie Fund was to disregard race, religion and finiancial status, simply outreaching to children in need.

The journey began in 1979, "The International Year of the Child", with Herbie Quinones, then a 7 month old baby from Brooklyn New York, who was born with a rare birth defect  that made it difficult to breathe while eating. The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto had developed an innovative procedure that could heal him, yet Herbie's family couldn't afford the flight or the surgery. The story was picked up by The Toronto Star and soon became a high profile news item, with Paul and Gina Godfrey's early involvement and leadership, The Herbie Fund was born. An outpouring of generous contributions from Torontonians and Canadians alike saved Herbies life by covering the transporation and hospital costs. Herbie now leads a happy and healthy life in Brooklyn , as a result.

To date, over 600 children from 88 countries have received specialized medical and surgical assistance that would not otherwise be available to them. Right now the Herbie Fund can only help about 30 children every year. The number of children depend entirely on the amount of money donated, your support is needed to increase this number and help children in need.