Purple Reign

Purple was the "it" colour for 2010 and this wedding shows it with passion and a cool modern vibe....held at one of the most architecturally stunning venues in the city, The Art Gallery of Toronto . The couple Karen and Dave , were referred to us in the best way possible, through a friends wedding that we decorated two years ago. We have had such a blast working with both couples, stay tuned for another to come in 2011....back to Karen and Dave, they are a young, vibrant, modern and stylish couple who knew the feeling of what they sought as an overall vision, I won't mention which one over the other, nor a certain nickname that ensued, needless to say we had alot of fun along the way! The theme revolved into a clean, modern urban chic lounge style wedding, which complimented Karen and Dave's style perfectly.

The glam squad included

Wedding Planner, Cynthia Martyn

Photographer, Laura Jane Petelko

Make up Nicole Richards of Peachgloss

Wedding Cake Sugar Coat it

without further adu,

I am so in love with Karens spectacular bouquet to this day (its on my fb profile as we speak), in shades of purple... from Lavender to Amethyst, to Eggplant, the flowers included Roses, Calla lilies and breathtaking, beyond gorgeous Phalenopsis and Vanda Orchids! Laura Jane rocked it out by capturing each flower perfectly!

Karen and her girls....are the stage, the bouquets merely players ( did I just bust out a quasi Shakesphere quote?) or shall I say accents to the beauty of the bride and her maids in this image.....you will notice the tones and shades of the flowers are ever previlent, this is the art and magic of a professional photographer!

wait for it.....wait for it....

Voila! a glamorous line up all of the bouquets in their entirety.... and minutes before they sashay .....up the aisle (as some call it the runway) for the ceremony

The Ceremony, surrounded by a circle of family and friends in Walkers Court, how Beautiful, Heartfelt and Endearing ...Love is in the air!......adorn with vignettes of leaning and submersed bouquets on all four corners of the alter space.....

The Exquisite Cake ..... a masterpiece in itself!

The Head Table, embellished with Bling and Crystal elements, not to mention a Fabulous Array of Purple Orchids, Calla lilies and Roses....

The Centerpieces, the epitome of a cool, trendy, lounge vibe with uplit Purple Dendrobium Orchids, Decorative Silver wiring and Bling candles! Artsy, Clean and Modern with a Glamorous nuance!